Christmas Carols Spread the Message of Jesus Through the World

I grew up in a home without religion.  My parents are amazing and raised me well, but faith wasn’t a part of our life.

Except for Christmas Carols.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas ....
Every Christmas we would play Christmas Carols and sing them together. I vividly remember driving around town, seeing the snow falling and singing Carols with my Mom and Dad.

It was my introduction to Jesus.  What a magical one at that.  The songs all evoked amazing pictures in my mind and heart.  I could feel that these were songs that were special in a way that no other type of song could be.

I think that is why people are nicer at Christmas.

So many people are singing praises to God.

We watched Elf for Family Home Evening this week, while we stuffed, stamped and sealed our Christmas Cards.  I love that it was people singing Christmas songs that helped them believe enough to make Santa’s Sleigh fly.

It was through singing Christmas Carols like Angels We Have Heard on High and O Holy Night that helped me believe enough to search to learn more about this baby Jesus who was born in a manger.  To see why His birth was so important that we sing of it each year.

When I get frustrated by the commercialization of Christmas, I try to let it go and think – It is a wonderful way to get the message of Jesus birth into the world.  They may not know it, but with every carol they hear their hearts can be softened.  Because of the commercialization of Christmas there is Christmas music everywhere.  Radio stations that play only Christmas music for the whole month, music shines down on the shoppers and people sing praises to Him.

Sing Along and feel JOY!

What is your favorite Christmas Song?

Mine is Evening Lullaby An extremely talented woman in my stake made a wonderful Christmas CD a few years ago, it is my favorite!!!

Sing Noel Performance

My favorite thing to do at Christmas time is perform in our Stake Christmas Concert.  Practice starts in October and it brings the Christmas spirit into our home.  My boys are in the children and youth choir. So it is a family affair.

There is something powerful about singing in a choir.  Some of my most spiritual experiences happen during choir practice.  It is as if my spirit is open to receiving revelation and they pour in.

Our Sing Noel this year was this past weekend.  It was great and sad at the same time.  As we sang – March of the Christmas Children and the children’s choir came marching in and started singing with us.  I couldn’t help but cry as I thought of those families who have lost children from accidents or sicknesses.  These sweet children who are here such a short time to return back into the arms of a Loving Heavenly Father and leave arms empty here.

It is hard to carry that sadness.

But then after the children sang their numbers and our Stake President spoke briefly and spoke of those children who were lost.  We sang again, this time with the children.

Peace, peace.

This is a time for joy.

This is a time for love.

Now let us all sing together of peace on earth.

Then the congregation joined us as we sang the above – they sang Silent Night

Suddenly my heart was filled with PEACE.

Yes there are sometimes what seems like unbearable things that happen in the world or in our lives.  But somehow we can find peace, through the sweet baby Jesus of who we sang.


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  1. I love your perspective Sheridan. I had not thought that way about the positive side that even the over-commercialization of Christmas can bring.

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