Each of my births transformed me in a powerful way – Episode 18

Part 2 of our interview with Melissa

“Each of my births changed me in a different way.”


Melissa shared how her third birth gave her confidence and joy.

How her 4th birth stripped her down and humbled her. It also gave her more power than she had ever experienced.

She also shares what advice she would give to new moms

New moms have such value – she is in the perfect place for herself and her baby. I belive in her, she can totally do it!


She also shared why she loves The Gift of Giving Life book so much

It was so disappointing to read book after book about birth and have the most important part left out of it, it was almost painful to read them.

The spiritual aspect is where birth starts and ends… it is a sacred ordinance. Everything is else is just details, if the focus is the spiritual nature, it will all work out.


You can find Melissa on Instagram @joyfulandspiritualbirth and her website www.joyfulandspiritualbirth.com