Honoring the Gift of Giving Life – Mandy Jane Designs

I am thrilled to share Mandy’s review of the Gift of Giving Life.  Not only does she have some beautiful temple art on her blog, Mandy Jane Designs, but she has also shared her powerful birth story with our blog readers in the past.

Her words are beautiful,

“There was an underlying message throughout all of the pages of this book. And the message that spoke to me, was faith. Faith in our divinely designed bodies. Faith in the precious spirits that we help to nurture and bring to this earth. Faith in the deeply spiritual and symbolic process of childbirth itself. And most importantly, faith in our Heavenly Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ. And faith that when we are acting as a co-creator with God, we will never be alone.”

We hope you will check the rest of her review on her blog!