I am Happy Meditation for the Whole Family

Phoebe and I just started a 40 day meditation.  I picked this meditation because it is light and sweet and great for kids and grown-ups too.  I explain it in the video, but in case you’d like to know the spelling of the mantra, here it is:

I am happy. I am good.

I am happy. I am good.

Sat-a nam, Sat-a nam,  Sat-a nam, Ji!

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Ji!

 You don’t need music, but if you like the song that is playing in the background, it is by Snatam Kaur and it’s called “I am Happy.” You can buy it on Amazon or I-tunes for 99 cents.

Even though Mateo didn’t sit still very long for this video, the mantra did it’s work. A few minutes later, we heard him singing it over and over in the bathroom. I also like to do it while walking.

This meditation is a great self-esteem builder for kids and can give them a lot of comfort and protection if there is fighting or negative energy around them. They can go into a private place and do this meditation. It’s just as powerful for adults, and an easy landing into mantra meditation. I’d love to challenge everyone to do this with your families for 40 days in a row. See what happens.  Do it with your kids, their friends, your friends. If you want, make a video of yourself or your kdis doing it and post it on youtube or Facebook. Make sure to tag The Gift of Giving Life.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

5 thoughts on “I am Happy Meditation for the Whole Family”

  1. Thank you!! I loved this. I am positive my kids will love it. I feel happier just watching the video…will do the challenge!

  2. Read this post a few days ago but didn’t have a chance to watch the video until tonight. I LOVE it! It’s been in my head ever since and I will probably go to sleep singing it in a few minutes. I’m also planning to teach it to my 2-year-old little boy and the little girl (same age) that I full-time baby-sit. Tomorrow — the sooner the better because they haven’t been wanting to get along lately and it’s been stressing me out, too. So thank you! Very, very much.

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