I had written a series on my massage therapy/therapy and how it helped me uncover all these issues that came up from the birth trauma from T1?s birth. I wrote this series last fall, but put off posting it. I finally decided March was the month I would post it on my Enjoy Birth Blog and I had all the posts scheduled for the next few weeks.

My first post talked about lingering effects of my birth trauma talked about how I had a pretty big fear of losing T1 and was super protective, especially about bike riding. Well, with my first massage therapy/therapy session, I figured out why and was able to let that go. I felt pretty good with him biking to friends houses, etc from that time on. So all summer and school year he has been a bike riding loving boy.

T1 started mountain biking with his Dad.

Then in December he biked off a 20 foot cliff. He was with his Dad. I was napping when it happened. I woke with a start and knew something had happened. I wasn’t sure if it was Rob or T1.

I immediately prayed, and I stayed calm and just waited for them to come home. I didn’t feel too worried, just had a gut feeling “something” had happened, but I wasn’t sure what.

Luckily T1 was fine, just some scrapes and bruises.

Surprisingly it didn’t change how I felt about him biking. I was still pretty relaxed about it.

A feeling like something big is coming

Not long after I had a pretty deep intuition that something big (not a good kind of thing) was coming for our family, I wasn’t sure what it was, but started to get a bit nervous.

Then in another massage therapy/therapy session we worked that out. That even if something happened I had support from God, family and friends to get us through.

I was hoping it was just a lingering effect from the 20 foot cliff fall, but sensed it may be something else. I didn’t know who it was about, just someone in the family. I knew I needed to be prepared, but wasn’t sure exactly how. I upped my praying and gratitude, but wanted to DO more.

Inspired to Read a Book

In the middle of January we had a discussion about the importance of words during birth on the Hypnobabies Instructor Group and it turned to how other health care professionals should know this information too.

One of the Instructors suggested reading The Worst is Over, which is directed towards emergency workers or anyone helping someone in a trauma. I got it from the library right away and devoured it. I felt so compelled to read it, driven actually. I felt that I needed to know this information.

I believe in the power of words and intentions. We can harness that and can help others harness it too, simply by using words to help them start healing. This book gave me simple words to use, easy to remember and apply.

This made me a little nervous, but figured like birth – being prepared would help me to stay calm if I was in a situation where I needed to use it. And like birth, I knew something WAS coming, but I wasn’t sure what.

A Bike Accident

Then on February 1st I saw someone riding his bike get hit by a car. The first thing that popped into my mind was, “THIS is why I read that book.” I felt relief, it wasn’t my family I needed this information for. The bike rider was amazingly up and about right away.  Thankfully, he was okay and would not need legal assistance. I ended up not being needed, there was a lot of other help on hand. But it was comforting knowing a few simple things I could say to make someones trauma more manageable.

I also believe in the power of intuition and not letting fear cloud that gift we have been given. So I continued to move forward with faith, knowing if something came our way we could handle it. I also didn’t let seeing this accident effect my feelings about T1 riding his bike.

The BIG Bike Accident

Well, the something big for our family came a week ago when T1 was in a bad mountain biking accident and broke his arm and jaw, requiring surgery. I was amazed at how calm and confident I felt through the whole experience. I relied on God, my family and friends and Prayer and they got us through with flying colors. And I used the information I learned in the book too!

On Friday I will share the blessings we experienced through the whole experience.



  1. My neonatal resuscitation instructor talked a lot about that book! I wanted to read it then, but I REALLY want to read it now. Your experience is so inspiring… knowing that we are often prepared in advance for big things coming down the road. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Sheridan.

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