I was so thrilled to see that the church came out with this great Family Home Evening Lesson.

What Should I Do If I See Pornography?

Some of you may be thinking, this doesn’t apply to me. I just have little kids.

In today’s world, porn sites like www.porn-hd.xxx are always around us. Concerningly, the average age of first exposure to pornography is 8 years old!

Many are exposed on the playground at school or on the bus, by friends with cell phones. Or even playing at a friends house. Growing up they find other methods in which to watch pornography, a lot of adult websites like https://www.fulltube.xxx/ can be accessed by your browser, so to make sure your child doesn’t visit any adult websites whilst using the pc you should set up the parental controls.

This video the church made is so great and perfect to watch with all ages of kids. Even a 3 year old could watch it.

Please watch the video and then share with your children.

Things I love about it…

  • It talks about how our brain works and why we are curious and want to see it again.
  • It gives steps to follow if you are exposed. Including talking to parents.
  • It shows children of all ages that could be affected.
  • I also love that it shows girls as well as boys. Pornography is not a boy problem!

Another wonderful resource is the book

I have 3 boys and pornography is something that I want to inform my children about, especially since websites like https://www.shemalehd.sex/ are becoming so popular. This is so they feel comfortable coming to me if they are exposed. My older 2 have been exposed and came to me. My 9 year old not yet, but I feel quite confident he would, as it is something we talk about on a consistent basis and without shame or fear.

It isn’t a question of IF they will be exposed. The question is WHEN will they be exposed and will they know what to do if they are? It is often from a friend who shows them, or accidentally stumbling upon it.

This is why I think this is one of the most important Family Home Evenings your family should have on an at least yearly basis.

Other good resources – for teens and adults


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