Polly Block, Mormon Midwife Part 2

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I just wanted to share a few gems from Polly’s Birth Book:

I loved that the dedication in her book said “To all who hold in reverence the gift of life.”  Sound familiar?  Does it remind you of the title of our book?  The following are two poems that she had written and included in her book:



Who am I to have taken part

In such wonderful earthbound schemes,

To have found place, a welcoming place,

To serve little kings and queens?

One thing is very certain,

Each tiny one always knew

‘Twas my heart, not my hands that swaddled,

And cuddle and communed anew.

–Polly Block


 sweet toes


Quieted hearts!

Quickened ears!

Deliberately stilled, in tune.

Heaven’s signs tapped on doors,

It’s now, it will be soon!

Angels summoned angels,

Through windows now obscure,

To coach, support and mingle

Round parents by the score.

Movement upon movement,

Wait! Don’t breathe in yet!

‘Tis but another moment,

Child, this you’ll ne’er forget.

Now earthlings hover o’er thee,

Charmed by your presence there,

Waiting for the message

You must have brought to share.

Time hastens your learning,

Experiences or replays

Of which a former training

Prepared you for your stay.

Child, teach them,

Some will listen.

You too must bear remembering

I want you back someday.

–Polly Block

Polly’s motto for midwives: “A midwife must be teachable and willing to teach correct principles.  The primary duty of a midwife is to assist in childbirth with competence, reverence, and sensitivity, ever mindful of the Giver of Life, His power and direction” (Polly’s Birth Book, 3).

“When we do those things which complement the natural process by which God brings forth mankind, then we are in accord with His plan for compassionate service.” (Polly”s Birth Book, 7-8).

There are many wonderful birth books out there but I did enjoy reading Polly’s perspective on how midwifery and the gospel perspective come together.   She spoke to the sacredness of a midwife’s calling and her reverence for birth.  Thank you Polly for your service to mothers, babies and their families!

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