Sacred Gifts Art Exhibit at BYU

I was excited for the chance to go to Utah for our annual family skiing trip.  I wanted to make sure I made it to the Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU Art Museum.

I ended up getting sick at the beginning of the trip.  Luckily my Mom was there to take care of me and the family.  My best friend was my Kleenex box, which I brought with me to Sacred Gifts, because I was not going to miss that!  I also wanted to have dinner with my dear friend Emily after.  So my Mom, T2 (13yo) and I drove up to BYU.

I must start by saying I am not a big art lover.  Though since starting to meditate art does speak more to my spirit and I have found a few key pieces which I love…. that can be a post for another day.

The most meaningful piece to me was the one you see when you walk into the exhibit.  Maybe because of my recent experience with angels protecting a friend as she was struggling.  You see Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane being hugged/protected by an Angel.

from Sacred Gifts Exhibit
from Sacred Gifts Exhibit

We got iPads which played music and gave more details about each piece.  That was distracting in one sense, but also great.  I think in retrospect I would have downloaded the app before I went.  Taken the time to look through it and learn things.  Then gone and just enjoyed the exhibit.  Or if I lived in Utah do it with the ipad once and then go back and just FEEL.  There is something distracting with a device.

The pieces were AMAZING.  Seeing them on the computer does not do them justice.  Prints are pretty nice, but the originals are amazing.

So if you have the chance to go see Sacred Gifts – GO.

It is a great free date night idea.  Have you gone yet?  What did you think?