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One Sentence Summary: A spiritual look at pregnancy and birth through inspiring birth stories and essays from dozens of real LDS women, scriptures, words of the prophets and other spiritual texts, The Gift of Giving Life if the essential pregnancy companion for every LDS woman.

“… imparting the beauty and joy, and the faith and trust, that is inherent in becoming a mother.”

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Praise for The Gift of Giving Life

More relevant than ALL other pregnancy/birth books

“I am so glad this book was written. I have read lots and lots and LOTS of pregnancy/birth/early parenting books, but I have never read a book as pertinent to me as this one. I bought 4 copies; one for my doula buddy, and the other 2 for my pregnant sisters. I can’t wait to give them away! THANK YOU ladies for all that you put into this work. Your time and hard work are evident, and The Gift of Giving Life will have a prominent place on my bookshelf and in my soul. Also, my husband is annoyed because reading it makes me want another baby. :)”  – Amber

Most Amazing Book I have Ever Read

“I preordered a book and it showed up late last week… I have NOT been able to put it down. I’m only half way through, but it’s already one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. It has touched my heart and spirit in amazing ways. It has helped me to see the recent birth of my daughter in a much more spiritual manner. I already ordered another copy for a friend who just found out she is expecting with her first… I just want to buy a copy for everyone! Thank you so much all the sacrifice and love that went into creating this book.”   – Michelle

Fulfilling as childbirth worker and mother

“Got my book yesterday, I cannot tell you how fulfilling as a doula, childbirth advocate and LDS mother this book has been so far. I can’t begin to thank you all”   – Natalie

Not just for pregnant women!

“I just talked to my Dad’s wife (my new step-mom) who is reading the book and she said that it is not just for pregnant women it is for all women. She is done having babies but said it makes her feel so amazing for being a woman.”  – Felice

Life Changing Book

Here is a bit from an early review from Jocelyn on her blog We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ.  Definitely go read the whole thing.  But I loved these parts.

I’ll admit that when I heard about this book on my friend Heather’s blog, I wondered if it was going to be very granola…and TMI.  I wondered if it was going to push certain ways to be a Mother.  I wasn’t sure I’d fit into their recommended “way”.
But from the taste that I received yesterday, I realized that this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime (times 22 women’s lifetimes)…as that is what giving the gift of life to another person is:  the adventure of a lifetime.
Although I’ve only just begun the journey through this book, I am able to say with confidence that this book is one of those life-changing books that “found me.”
This is my book of the year!  It is more than a book on Motherhood or giving birth.  It is a book about placing your hand squarely in the Lord’s and saying, “Here am I, send me!”
This is just the beginning!  Join us for our Virtual Book Tour to find out what others will be saying about our book.  It is such a joy to know that all our hard work will be blessing others, which is what our biggest desire was!

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