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In Good Hands

Today’s Women’s History Month stories come from our Latter-day Saint birthing history. I fantasize about having a book containing all the recorded birth accounts of our early Mormon mothers and midwives. What an amazing book that would be! I have a feeling that those account would do for us modern mothers what the following two accounts have done for me. They would show us over and over and over that God cares deeply about each birth and that we are given divine aid and protection as we participate in the sacred work of giving life to His children.

Women’s History Month on The Gift of Giving Life

March is National Woman’s History Month, so we thought we would highlight some LDS Women and their contributions to birth and mothering! Look for a post at least once a week. Make sure you also celebrate the history you are making in your life!      

Every Member a Doula

We all need doulas in our lives. The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “a woman who serves.” Becoming doulas is exactly what the Savior has asked us to do.