Sacred Paths, Sacred Fruit

Recently, I started reading Windows to the Womb by David Chamberlain. As I read his beautiful description of the conception process, I couldn’t help but recognize some familiar archetypes and symbols within that life-giving process. I found it so beautiful that, once again, the words of the family proclamation rang true: “We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed.” The journey that brings the seed of a man and the seed of a woman together as one flesh is sacred and symbolic of the divine missions of men and women on this earth.

Birth by the Numbers Part 2

Birth By the Numbers: Gospel Symbolism, Numbers and Birth If you did not yet read part 1 of this post then please do.  It will make more sense.  Truth be told, mathematics and numbers are not my thing but I have really enjoyed pondering gospel symbolism, numbers, and birth while researching for this topic. NINE …

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