Every Baby is a Royal Baby

Has anyone else been a bit ga-ga over the new royal baby?

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I have been gobbling up every tidbit I’ve been able to read about William and Kate’s new baby boy. I’m not usually one to fall for celebrity stories or drama but there is just somethings so exciting about the idea of a new heir– a new potential King– being born that hits some romantic nerve in my body.

I mean, babies are born every day, but it isn’t very often that one is born who gets a royal title and will potentially inherit an entire kingdom.


It may also be that I am expecting my own baby in a few weeks and over the last few weeks I’ve watched my belly grow steadily along with Kate’s royal baby bump (thanks to the magazines in the supermarket checkout line). So seeing her hold her new baby in her arms gets me a bit excited.

As I have been soaking up the royal baby vibes I have also been thinking about this post, “Every Temple Marriage is a Royal Wedding” that I read not long after William and Kate were married. In it the author writes:

“We all seem to still love the idea of the traditional romantic wedding, where a man and a woman fall deeply in love and commit to each other for life. There’s a reason for that. The hope of a bright future together filled with love, honor, children, happiness, and fidelity is still the fairytale life that most desire… A temple marriage comes with it, all of the promises to true royalty. True riches of a Godly kind, including land, posterity, and power! And to faithful members of the LDS Church, these promises are believed to be possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ… Most marriages begin with a hopeful fairytale charm, which can quickly fade away as life begins to take its toll. However, as we take seriously our marriage covenant and our desire to have that Eternal Fairytale come true – the promise that we can have our “happily ever after” will become a reality!”

As I watched the royal couple present their new little son to the eager world, I had a feeling of longing sweep over me. Not jealousy (because really I’d hate to have that much attention all the time) but a wish that the world treated the birth of every child with such enthusiasm and love.

When my baby makes her debut in a few weeks will not catch the eye of the media. In fact, outside of my circle of friends and family, not many people will even care that she joined the world.  Yet, in God’s eyes, I am every bit a queen and my husband is a king. This baby who is coming to us will be a princess, a literal heir to the most powerful kingdom on heaven or earth.

That isn’t a fairytale.

It is her divine nature, her birthright as a child of God.

It is the birthright of EVERY baby.

Each of these little people we welcome into the earth, whether born in a palace or in a brothel, are royalty. They are children of the Most High God and they each have a divine nature and destiny.

As I watch this little baby boy, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, captivate the attention of the world I can’t help but wish that the world viewed the birth of every baby with the same joy and anticipation; that every child was welcomed by the world with open arms.

Because, truly every baby is a royal baby.