Some Changes are Coming AND a Giveaway!

Happy labor day to you. I have some changes to announce about the podcast and let you know about a giveaway.

This will be a short but sweet episode.

Why I started the Podcast

I started this podcast well over a year ago, because God asked me to, I had been out of the birth world for a while, but had started doing podcasts. So it wasn’t a totally crazy request.

I have been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed making The Gift of Giving Life podcast, connecting with readers, doing interviews, hearing their stories, as well as sharing old essays and new thoughts. As I have been doing more and more interviews, it has been a little bit overwhelming editing and posting them.

And I took this feeling of overwhelmed to God.

Could I be done with The Gift of Giving Life podcast?

No, that was very clear. He still wants me to do it.

Was there anything I could do to make it more manageable?

Yes, He definitely let me know I could just post every other week instead of every week.

I have another birth podcast, Enjoying Pregnancy Birth and Babies, and I post every other week there.

So it does make sense to do this one every other week as I’m balancing these two podcasts with my Finding Joy In the Journey podcast.

Which is more about enjoying life rather than focusing on birth.

So I will just have two podcasts to work on a week, which is still a lot, but I am passionate about helping women harness Heavenly help, and I do love doing it.

And thinking of doing this every other week definitely makes it feel more manageable.

Birth Analogy Coming Up!

As I relate everything to birth. This was what came to.

It’s almost as if this podcast was a baby that God asked me to have,

and I did it,

but wasn’t really excited about it.

Then the baby was born and it definitely took a lot of work,

but I loved it way more than anticipated.

And just like in parenting, when I feel overwhelmed, I go to God and then He can instruct me.

So now that this podcast has been here for well over a year, there’s lots of back episodes that new listeners who are guided here can enjoy.

And what I would love you to do as, sort of the podcast siblings, is to share this podcast and the book with others that are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant or, you know, love birth, because as we share it, then more and more people can be uplifted.

Giveaway time!

Now, I have an exciting announcement that I’m going to be doing a giveaway of two books. You can check the show notes or Instagram for more details, but basically to be entered into the giveaway, I’m asking that you leave a review on iTunes or Amazon or share the podcast on Instagram or do all three.

You’ll get one entry for each thing that you do.

Please, please, please go and leave a review about the podcast or the book or both. This definitely helps get it into more. And the podcast is such a great free resource. I love being able to share it. I will be giving away one of Meleah’s new books called Swaddle Me Up: Baby Wrapping and Baby Wearing for Everyone as well as one copy of The Gift of Giving Life.

So there will be two winners and again, go to Instagram or see below to find out more details. Thanks for being a listener. And thanks for sharing this podcast with your friends.


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