The Spirit Reassured Me it was Safe to have More Babies!

After Valerie had her 3rd baby, her doctor advised her to not have any more.

The Spirit reassured her it was ok to and also led her on a journey of healing.

She turned to natural healing methods and after years of healing, she got a second opinion of having more babies and got the OK

She went on to have 5 more babies!

I loved interviewing Valerie.

She was one of my Hypnobabies Student – 2 times, for baby number 7 and 8!

I also was her doula for those 2 births.

She had Toxemia (high blood pressure) during her 3rd birth and was told to have no more children.

However, that didn’t feel right to her and she had a spiritual experience to reassure her she would be safe having more children.

This led her on a path to alternative medicine.

This allowed her to become strong enough to have more children.

She got a second opinion and changed careproviders and went on to have 5 more children!

I was amazed at the story she shared about her friend who broke multiple bones and after a surgery was struggling with pain.

Valerie felt inspired to lend her friend her Hypnobabies CDs and they made a huge difference.

Valerie also shares how Hypnobabies has helped her after having babies.

Of course, she shares her birth experiences and it will be especially interesting to moms who have had posterior babies, as all 8 of her babies presented that way.