VBT #9: CJane on TGOGL

Today’s Virtual Book Tour post comes from the lovely C Jane (and her sister Lucy). Here’s an excerpt:

Five years ago I wrote an essay called “The Hour Glass Theory for Segullah. It’s a piece about miscarriage, death, time and birth–the heavy things we feel. I wrote it to piece together the definitive answer we search for–when does life begin and when does it end?

I was honored when some of my fellow LDS sisters and birthers asked if they could publish my essay in their anthology The Gift of Giving Life–Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth. It’s a book about birth and spirituality in all of its shades from–infertility, c-sections, adoption miracles and unassisted homebirths to name a few. As a bonus to me, my essay appears right next to Nat Holbrook in the book. Nat and I have plunged into infertility together where we became sisters in the trenches. (I also have an essay called “To My Sisters Who Still Hope” that appears in the infertility chapter.)

When the book came out I gave it to my sister Lucy. “The Hour Glass Theory is about her miscarriage and I thought it was fitting for her to have the book. But even better, she’s now pregnant with her third baby (a boy, due in June) and is currently in nesting glory. She devoured the book (it’s a hefty compilation, full of brilliant ideas and essays) and I asked for a short book review.

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I love how she ends her post: “Mother’s day is coming up . . . and I am recommending this book as a gift to any mother (buy it here).”  Of course we couldn’t agree more. 🙂