Free Meditation

A wonderful resource for our readers is a Free Guided Meditation that Felice recorded.

I love listening to it, it is so relaxing and uplifting.

Relaxed, Peaceful, Divine2

Right click to download to your computer!


  1. Jillian Haretuku Reply

    So excited to expand my knowledge to include the gift of giving life!

  2. enjoybirth Reply

    There is a pink bar on the right sidebar titled Get Free Spiritual Birth Tips and Meditation. Under that you can enter your name and e-mail! 🙂 Then you will get a link to the meditation e-mailed to you.

  3. Elisa Skidmore Reply

    I am loving this book. It has helped me to catch the vision that I always believed in, that motherhood is divine. I am expecting my third, and this book is one tool that is helping me be excited to give birth, and I am also hoping to apply these mindful principles as I become a mother to three and make that adjustment.

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