7 Spiritual Languages – How do you Communicate with God?

(I originally wrote this post in 2010 on my Enjoy Birth Blog.  I have added some new thoughts, marked with ***  I also changed it to 7 Spiritual Languages, combining scripture study with Learning and Teaching)

Love Languages

I love the book The 5 Love Languages. I think it may have saved my marriage when Thing 2 was 1 years old. So I really do love this book. It basically says there are 5 different love languages and what may make me feel loved, wouldn’t make you feel loved.

  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation

For me it is all about Words of Affirmation. For Rob it is all about touch. So he might come home and want to touch and snuggle, but if he doesn’t say, “Thanks for cleaning the kitchen.” I am not going to feel loved.

This doesn’t mean he is right or I am wrong. It doesn’t mean my love is better, it is just we feel it differently. Who knows why? Maybe the way we were raised, maybe it is in our personality? But it doesn’t matter, we just need to be aware and accept our differences and work to show love to each other.

I read a great post talking about Spiritual Languages.

In What’s Your Spiritual Language she says hers areI love my music !

    • Music
    • Social Activism

Whereas she doesn’t get spiritually fed by:

  • Commune with nature
  • Solitude
  • Ritual/symbolism

I decided there are 7 Spiritual Languages

In the comments people added some other spiritual languages, in which I combined some to make 7:

  1. Music
  2. Social Activism/Acts of Service/Love in Action
  3. Communing with Nature
  4. Solitude/Prayer/Meditation/Pondering
  5. Ritual/Symbolism/Traditions
  6. Scripture Study/Teaching/Learning
  7. Gratitude

My Spiritual Languages Are:

  • Music – I definitely learn spiritually through music. I often learn more at choir practice then church.
  • Social Activism/Acts of Service/Love in Action – This is a favorite. I am all about love!
  • Teaching/Learning – I love to teach lessons, or give talks, because I learn so much this way. I also love to feel the inspiration of the Holy Ghost as I prepare and as I teach.  This usually is combined with in depth scripture study as I prepare.
  • ***** Since starting to Meditate I now can say that Meditation/Prayer is definitely one of my Powerful Spiritual Languages.  I can connect so much easier with God after meditating.  It is as if the doors to heaven swing open and I am connected.  Powerful stuff!  Check out Felice’s Meditation classes if you want to learn more.

Is it OK we have different spiritual languages?

The Native Americans traditionally learn a lot spiritually through their communing with nature. Who am I to say that is wrong? That is how THEY learn. I know there is a church in my area where they go to nature areas to worship God. Some people think they are just coming up with an excuse to have church outside and play on Sunday, but if that works for them, who am I to say that is wrong?

Some people are really into traditions and rituals. Look at Catholic services for example. If that is something that speaks to the people that attend there and makes them feel closer to God, then good for them! Maybe that is why there are so many different religions? People looking for ways to fulfill different spiritual love languages?

Couldn’t it be we just learn in our own way? Couldn’t God teach people in different ways? Just as we all have our unique love languages we have our own unique spiritual languages. God can teach through them all!  *** I think the Holy Ghost can speak to us through all of these languages/activities.  It is as if by doing them, we are more open to be led by the Spirit.

I think recognizing what activities spiritually fulfill you is important.  Then you can make sure to incorporate them into your daily lives.  Maybe the “church answer” of scripture study and prayer isn’t enough for everyone.  Maybe we need to individualize it.  (Of course I believe we all need to study scriptures and pray, but combining it with music or meditation makes it much more powerful for me.)

So, what are your spiritual languages?

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. I love this Sheridan. I had not thought of it this way before but it makes sense. I remember that from the 5 Love Languages for Children it is important that even though your child prefers on particular language or you do that we use all of the love languages with them so that they can more easily give love with the different languages. So it makes sense that although one or more language may resonate more easily with us we should not ignore the others. I too enjoyed developing more through the meditation classes.

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