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Does Eve, the Mother of All Living attend births?

I love attending births as a doula, especially over the past few years as I have grown closer to the spirit and I have been praying for my spiritual eyes to be opened.  I can now easily sense that there are spiritual beings at births too. Angels and ancestors are near. The veil is so thin as spirits pass through it, both as people are born and as they die.

eve and adam

I had the privilege of discussing Eve and her births with an artist friend, Katie Garner, who is in the middle of painting a series of Eve portraits. 

We were talking about Eve and what she may have experienced with her first pregnancy and birth.  She was probably unsure as to how this little baby growing in her was going to come out of her. There were no childbirth classes to take, no midwife to consult.  Then during the actual birth I imagine she and Adam were probably overwhelmed as to what was happening and how this was all going to resolve itself. They must have clung to one another and prayed for help.

Angels Attending Births

I hope there were angels attending them during those moments.

Within a week after my discussion with Katie, I found myself at a homebirth. It was a first vaginal birth for this mom. There was this magical moment for me.  She, her husband and I were squeezed together in this tiny bathroom. She stared up at her husband with that look, “How in the heck are we going to do this?”

This was the look Katie and I had talked about.  That moment that must have passed between Adam and Eve as they realized, this was really happening, somehow this baby was going to come out of her.

I felt Eve’s Presence

I suddenly felt Eve’s presence there with us in the bathroom. I felt her watching with love and concern and reassurance.

“You can make it through, you can find the strength.

I did it, all mothers’ have.”

I was amazed, I had never noticed Eve at a birth before. Usually I just feel angels’ presences in general, not specific ones. I relished that sweet moment.  The mom and dad were in their own moment, maybe not enjoying theirs as much as I was enjoying mine.

Later at the birth I felt more and more angels surrounding us, offering protection and courage.  I reassured the Mom that they were there, cheering her on.  That she was doing a great job.  I felt them all rejoicing with us as this sweet baby was born.

I prayed about it driving home from the birth and came to realize it was a gift I was given. I had been pondering on Eve and her births, so I was open to “seeing” her specifically.

I asked in my prayer if she was at every birth. It made sense to me as she is “The Mother of All Living.” I received the answer that she is at the births she is welcomed to.

This is interesting to ponder.

  • Who do we welcome to our births?
  • Do we think to welcome specific angels, people from the scriptures or loved ones that have passed on?
  • Who would you want to invite to your birth?

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7 thoughts on “Does Eve, the Mother of All Living attend births?”

  1. This is an interesting thought to ponder. I’m having a home birth and it’s my first as well. I know the spirit will be there and if Eve is supposed to be she will be. It is amazing to think that she went into birth with no knowledge or resources to prepare her, but was so faithful and strong that she entered birth unafraid and ready to meet her little peanut. I try to remind myself that my body is capable of this and not to fear birth, like so many do. I feel excited for it!

  2. Thank you so much for this. I really, truly admire Eve so much. Angels do attend births, and I love the idea that Eve is there at the births she is welcomed to be a part of. I love imagining ancestors there too, celebrating in this addition to their family line.

  3. I did pray that my great great great grandmother Ann Elizabeth Sheffer could be there. She was one of the first Utah valley midwifes after crossing the plains. Didn’t think to ask for Mother Eve, but I hope she felt invited. Next time I’ll make sure she gets a specific invitation. Thank you for the beautiful post.

  4. Beautiful insights and experiences. My only child has just discovered her first birth-to-be and I’m sure that this article and spirit will encourage her to have a spiritual home birth also with Eve at the top of the invitation list…and me second!!!

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