Stunning, Spiritual Poems about a Girls First Period

Dear First Parents, I honor you. Your courage is awe-inspiring.

The Fall
By Lani Axman

She fell from Eden-womb,
A sapling
From whom
All the temples on Earth
Would be built,
Their blueprints
Pulsing through her
Like songs
Waiting to be sung,
Whispered in the language
Of her Mother.

Woman in Red, by Dina Argov (Source)
Woman in Red, by Dina Argov (Source)

By Lani Axman

When the first blood appeared,
Did you scream,
Fearing that you would surely die,
That the fruit had opened your eyes
Only to close them for good?
Or did a familiar whisper
Call to you,
Embrace you with
Love, made audible:
“Fear not, Eve,
For I bring you tidings of great joy:
The Mother of All Living
Has emerged.”

By Lani Axman

Adam spills blood
On holy altars
Where lambs and doves
Bleed hope of reconciliation
Again and again.
And he waits.

Eve spills blood
From the temple
Of her womb,
Where life and death
Mingle in sacrifice
Again and again.
And she waits.

"Empty Nest," by Bethany DuVall (Source)
“Empty Nest,” by Bethany DuVall (Source)

9 thoughts on “Stunning, Spiritual Poems about a Girls First Period”

  1. I am so glad that you shared these. We need to just sit down and write our little e-book for daughters. I am in the same boat as you with daughters.

  2. These are beautiful Lani. I really love them. I went to the temple today to and saw the new movie and I bawled. Such a beautiful portrayal of Eve! What an incredible woman she is– and what courage and bravery she must have had.

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  5. These poems seriously made me cry. Thank you for sharing them. My oldest daughter turned 10 this year and, while we have been very open about what menstruation is and that it will happen, I think I should definitely incorporate more of the spiritual elements and beauty of it into our discussions. Thank you.

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