How I Joined the Mormon Church – Missionaries and The Book of Mormon

The Sister Missionaries started teaching me and my parents.

I of course loved and accepted everything they taught.

My parents made the Sister Missionaries Cry


My parents, not so much.  In fact I know for sure they made the missionaries cry at least one time, probably more.  My Mom claims it is because when they asked if they wanted to be baptized they said no.  But I can imagine my Mom as a participant in lessons today and know it wouldn’t be an easy task.  😉

The Book of Mormom

I started reading The Book of Mormon.  I loved it.

Spring 1986 – Letter to God

Thank you for The Book of Mormon.  I have decided to be baptized into the church.  My parents will not let me until I am 18.  But I will stay faithful and follow the commandments.  Up until a few days ago I hadn’t really sat down and read The Book of Mormon.  I had depended on prayer and others testimonies.  Yet a few days ago I had a strong desire to read it.  I felt so alone and confused. I remembered learning at church that you could feel closer to God through reading the scriptures. This night it touched me and my testimony was strengthened.

I was so excited for when Jesus would come and visit the people there.  It seemed like it was taking forever.

I vividly remember the day I reached 3 Nephi 11 in my reading.  I was sitting in the guest room reading when I got to that part.  I remember just feeling SO happy.  It was so wonderful to read another testimony of Jesus.  That he had visited and loved people on another continent meant a lot to me. It solidified that he loved me too.

I was ready to be baptized.  I knew I wanted to join the church.  I believed it was true and I wanted to follow Jesus.

Sadly, my parents were not ready for me to be baptized.  They said I needed to wait until I was 18, they wouldn’t give me permission to join the church.  They also had certain stipulations I had to meet to go to church and seminary. I had to do one non-church related friend/activity a week.  I had to take babysitting jobs when they were offered.  I had to keep my room clean, get good grades, etc.

That meant I would have to wait 3 years until I could officially join.

3 LONG  years as a boy crazy teenage girl.  (In looking through my old journals to find quotes I realize 95% of my entries are about boys that I like and how THIS one will be different than the last one.  NO, boys in high school are stupid… I wish I knew that then)

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  1. I love reading about your conversion. And although I was born into the church I remember having a similar spiritual awakening. Reading your story makes me want to rediscover that excitement and be a better member missionary.

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