Ideas for Tasteful Halloween Pregnancy Costumes

Last Halloween I was nearly nine months pregnant with my third child. As Halloween approached my husband and I racked our brains trying to think up a good costume for me that would utilize my big beautiful belly. We had already gone through this brainstorming process once before, because several Halloweens ago I was seven months pregnant with my first child. At the last minute, my husband and decided that it would be fun for me to dress like a farmer and paint my belly like a pumpkin. My husband is an awesome artist and we had a lot of fun putting this together.

I wore it to our Ward Halloween party and most people just thought I was wearing a shirt with a picture of a pumpkin on it. It was funny to see the pumpkin move when the baby kicked. It was a really fun costume. Though, I will admit that even though my belly was totally covered it was a bit strange to have my belly sticking out (I had to roll up my garments) and even though no one said anything to me about it I felt a little weird about it afterward. Looking back I think it would have been just as cute to have had him paint it on form fitting t-shirt.

So several years later when we were trying to figure out a costume for me– and my nine-month-big-belly– I scoured the Internet looking for new ideas for pregnancy costumes. What I found was a bit discouraging. It seemed like all of the costumes were either a grotesque (ie. a head and arms sticking out of the belly, sometimes with blood), immodest (ie. wearing a bikini and having your belly painted like a beach ball) or they were tacky and distasteful (ie. a pregnant bride, dressing like an oven with a “bun” in it and the partner dressing as the “baker”, a 50’s housewife and the milkman, you get the idea). I never did find any ideas that I liked, or felt comfortable doing, and so I ended up not dressing up at all last year.

And coming from a girl who loves to dress up that is a tragedy.. especially when you have a beautiful belly to make the most of!

So I thought I’d post some of the cute and tasteful pregnancy costumes I’ve thought of, or stumbled across, since last year just in case there is anyone out there looking for a last minute costume. Some of these ideas I got from other websites and some are just my own brilliance. I didn’t want to steal the pictures from other sites though, so I am just linking the websites where the pictures are. Click on them if you’d like to see examples but realize that for some of them you have to scroll down a bit to see them.

So here you go— if you have other ideas I would LOVE to hear about them!

  • Sun with orbiting planets: Paint your belly like the sun or wear a sun on your belly. Hang models of the planets from you arms or head. Even cuter if your husband dresses like Galileo or an astronaut.
  • A gypsy with a crystal ball: Dress like a gypsy (Ie. y skirt with a big sash and necklaces on your head, arms, and ankles) wear a sparkly white shirt underneath (or paint it) and have your belly be the crystal ball.
  • Mary: Wear bible era clothes and just radiate that beautiful pregnant spirit. You might need to have Joseph (or a donkey) along with you though for people to understand who you are suppose to be 🙂
  • A troll doll: Color and spike your hair crazy and wear a big jewel or star on your belly. Only the people who lived through the 70 and 80’s will know who you are, but that is okay.
  • A Mummy “Mum”my: Do you get it? Ha! If you need a good video on how to sew a mummy costume you can actually go to the bathroom in (which is a must for a pregnant mum) this is a good one.
  • Darth Vadar: Have your belly painted (or sewn) to look like the Death star. Would be especially funny if your husband dressed a storm trooper, or maybe Princess Leah.
  • A Deviled Egg: Wear a white shirt but paint your belly yellow to be the yolk of the egg. Wear devil ears and a tail.
  • Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.: Paint your belly (or print on a shirt) the rolly polly green monster with one eye. Even cuter if one of your kids dresses like Sulley (or another monster).
  • Mother Earth: Wear or paint the earth on your belly, wear a long flowing skirt, flowers on your head and birds and creatures on your arms and shoulders.
  • Skelton in my womb: This would be a really cute way to announce a pregancy to family and friends. See the picture here. Also, this site also has a diy iron on.
  • The logo from Jack -in- the- box: Wear a white shirt and put a face and nose on the belly part by using blue, red and black felt. Put a little hat on top of your bump. If you need a reminder about what it looks like go here.
  • Eyeball– Wear all black clothes and paint your belly white (or layer your shirts– a white shirt underneath and a hole cut in the black one on top) and make the center of the eye blue, brown, green, etc. Don’t forget to add in the details like red viens, eyelashes, etc.. This could be scary if you want it to be, or just interesting.
  • Pumpkin: You could either do something like I did with my belly above (# 3 here is a really cute variation of the same idea). You could also wear a orange shirt and sew or glue black felt onto it to make a jack-o-lantern belly. Or you could just embrace your new found roundness and be a human pumpkin– complete with a green stem hat and orange suit.
  • Athlete with a ball: Pretty much any sport with a ball will work for this one. Dress like a basketball player and have your belly be the basketball. Dress in tennis clothes and have your belly be the tennis ball. Volley ball, soccer ball, bowling ball, billiard ball, lacrosse, cricket… you get the idea.
  • A mermaid with a pearl: Dress like a modest 🙂 mermaid with a white shirt underneath. Put a clam shell above and below your belly and ta da your belly looks like a pearl!
  • Pregnant Pea Pod –Wear green sweats and a green t-shirt. If you wanted you could cut a hole in it to make your little pod stick out and paint it green. Wrap a vine around your arms and head so that it looks like you are a plant.
  • Pregnant Witch — they are moms too, right?
  • Humpty dumpty: Wear white shirt and draw a face on your belly. Wrap a brick wall around your waist and have legs attached to the top so that it looks like he is sitting on top. Would be cute if your husband or kids dressed up like “all the Kings horses and the kings men.”

Any more suggestions?

I sure wish I’d had this list last Halloween. There are only so few Halloweens in your life where you get to be pregnant and it is a shame to let one slip by without exploiting it for all its great costume possibilities!

We would love to have you link up to post or pictures of you or your kids dressed up for Halloween. It is always so much for us to meet our readers, and for our readers to get to know each other better. So PLEASE take a minute and link up to your own Halloween posts. If you have recent or old post or picture of you with a great pregnancy costume we for sure want to see that one!

6 thoughts on “Ideas for Tasteful Halloween Pregnancy Costumes”

  1. Some of these are really cute ideas! I’ll have to remember this post in the future…

    Last year at Halloween, I was just entering my third trimester with my second baby. I’m all about easy costumes, so I was the magic 8 ball — I wore jeans and a black shirt and taped a white circle with the number 8 in the middle onto my belly.

  2. Fried egg–My sister did this one year: she wore a yellow shirt and cut a white foam-core board in a wavy sort of fried egg shape, with a hole in the middle big enough for her belly to poke through, and wore the board with elastic. It was perfect to have the flat egg with a bump of a yolk sticking through.

  3. Oh, and I saw a another good one today. A speed bump. She wore a black sweat suit and put yellow tape up her legs and chest to look like a road then she had a sign on her belly that said, “Speed bump”. You could stick some cars on there and that would be so cute!

  4. With my first, I was an m&m. I just taped on a felt m on a red t-shirt. I didn’t think about it until someone asked if I was actually a peanut m&m. With my second, my son was Woody from Toy Story, so my husband and I were Mr. & Mrs. Potato head with felt pieces taped to our bellies. I had my third baby just a couple weeks before halloween this year. If I had thought about it earlier, I thought it would have been fun to be a kangaroo with him in my pouch (and carry him in my wrap).

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