Personal Growth through Prayer, Writing and Scriptures

I took a Mother’s Who Know course a few months ago and am actually taking it again to reinforce what I learned and have grown so much.  I am a big believer in always learning and growing.  It is amazing how much we can learn from prayer, writing in our journals and scripture study.  The problem is making it a habit.  There are also so many other ways to grow through personal habits, again that can be challenging.

That is why I loved this class.  It made the impossible, possible.  I really wish every MOM would take this class.  The empowerment they can get by mastering themselves is amazing.

So I wanted to let you all know Celestia is doing a giveaway of a spot in her next class.  I have paid for it twice and think it is worth every penny, but if you can’t afford it, this may be your chance to build these daily habits back into you life (and SOOO much more, miracles in fact.)  Read my previous post about it here.