VBT #14: Me and My Insanity – Divinity in Every Experience



The next stop on our Virtual Book Tour is with Kendra at meandmyinsanity.com.  If you have not visited her blog before, you should.  She has some fantastic ideas for just about anything a momma could want.  I personally want to snag her ideas for Teacher Appreciation.  Fun stuff!  Thank you Kendra for your review!  Here is just a taste of what she had to say:

The authors made a great decision to allow each woman to share her own story in her own voice. This accomplishes several things. It provides perspective that no one author could ever give. Also, it give each essay the authenticity you want to find when talking about important topics. Rather than relying on case studies and statistics, it is just women sharing their souls with each other. It allows readers the opportunity to find someone who they can relate to and who may really know what they are going through, since so many different experiences are represented. And what I love the most is that it shows how–although every birth of every baby is a completely unique experience–there is divinity in every experience if we are prepared to see it.

You can read the rest of her review here.

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