Thursday night, Heather and I sprawled/collapsed on the deep brown carpet of her basement floor. I wish I had a picture, but I was too tired to take one. This last 11 days of August have been a whirlwind trying to get ready to go to the LDS Booksellers Association Convention. This is an exclusive  event, where wholesalers and retailers get together and speed date and arrange marriages of products and stores and we got in at the last minute by some sort of divine intervention.

It was great. I flew up for it and Heather and I were the perfect team, schmoozing and telling everyone that we could rope into our booth all about our book.

Heather talking to some lady about our book

We met many independent LDS bookstore owners from all over the country and some took orders for our book. But the exciting news is that we met many people from different departments at Deseret Book. Let’s just say we met all the right people. And they were very excited about our book and about getting it in their stores. In fact, they want us to do book signings at several of their busiest stores on Ladies Night, which if you don’t know what that is (I just learned) it is the night that all the men go to the Priesthood session of General Conference.  They were stoked that we had 5 authors because that meant we could cover more stores. Great for them. Great for ladies everywhere.

Felice and Heather at Convention
Our booth was lovely and colorful.

We also met some other great writers and artists, and we were super excited to meet James, the Editor of BYU Studies, who is the one responsible for pushing the recent Heavenly Mother Article through. If you missed it, you can read a review of it here and download it for $2 here.  I gave him an enthusiastic high-five for that. We also gave him a review copy, which he may review in Meridian Magazine.

We also met some cool vendors who had awesome products. The lady next to us, Michelle from Personal Ponderings, sells these really cool Scripture Journals (also Literary and Personal Journals) that you can organize by topic alphabetically. I was really excited about this because I have been wanting a more organized way to keep my scriptural insights and thoughts. So I got one from her and I’ll probably review it later on my other blog. We had lots of time to talk with her and we think we made a new friend for life. I am still in awe and shock that Michelle has 10 kids. She looks like she is in her 30s.

Felice, Michelle and Heather at LDSBA Convention

Across from us, there was also a really cool guy who makes Book of Mormon comic books. Before you roll your eyes–they are way cool. What I like is that instead of drawing human renditions of all the characters (Nephi with a six pack and a tan, etc.)  he has depicted all the characters as different middle eastern animals.

sariah and laman as a baby after his first temper tantrum I love this image of Sariah comforting baby Laban after his first temper tantrum. (This is a flashback scene in season 3.)

Michael, the creator, gave me a special collectors edition of Episode #0.  Episode #1 comes out in December. It’s a monthly release I think.  And they are way cool and also full of scholarship to back them up. I was impressed. If  you have young boys (or super cool girls) these might rock your world. Your grown up boy might like it, too. (I got one signed for Rocky, my soon to be husband.) If you stay tuned to my progressive prophetess blog, I’ll do a review and giveaway there in a week or two.

Heather and I also met a couple of people who plan women’s conferences and talked to us about speaking, which would be cool. I love to speak in public and especially about any of the topics in our book. So we’ll keep you posted on that.

However, the coolest thing that happened with another convention attendee, is a story that I probably can’t tell. It’s Heather’s story to tell, and she’ll have to decide what she can share. But from my perspective, it was wonderful to watch unfold.  The main thing I witnessed (again) is that God cares about every single woman individually and every single pregnancy. Even if you are unwed or if it is your 10th baby. God cares deeply. He knows you and your baby and He loves you.

He also clearly cares about this book! We were so lucky to have all the experiences we did and make all the contacts we did and we guess it can only have happened with His help. We also have to say thank you to a few persistent people in Rexburg, Idaho who kept bothering their local Deseret Book to get some copies of our book in stock. Because that one store caries it, it made it much easier for us to make the connections we did and hopefully we will reach many more women through the bookstore channels now.

I promise this blog post is coming to an end. But I have one question, first. Believe it or not, we no longer have any LDS bookstores in Los Angeles (the nearest one is 45 mins away), so I usually buy anything I want online. How far is your nearest LDS Bookstore? And how often do you actually go into the physical bookstore and buy books or products? And if you buy online, from what site? Just curious. Leave a comment and let us know how you like to get your books and your ebooks (both LDS and otherwise).

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  1. Nearest LDS bookstore is at the London temple. The prices are astronomical, so I usually buy from Deseret books online where the shipping is reasonable and the pound-to-dollar ratio benefits me!

    It sounds like your book is making waves further afield. Good news indeed!

  2. I buy most of my LDS books at the local Des Book because it is right her in town. I go in about once a month. Believe it or not we have a DB not another kind of bookstore so everything else I buy online, usually Amazon. I love to find used books online, usually through Amazon (but other supplier).

    1. That’s interesting that the only bookstore in your town is a DB. Sad kinda. Bookstores have a hard time competing with Amazon these days, but I have to admit, that’s where I buy a good amount of my stuff now.

  3. I live in rural southern Minnesota, and don’t know where the nearest LDS bookstore is. Our temple is 1 1/2 hours away, so I assume that there might be something near there. I buy all of my books on Amazon, or Deseret Book online.

  4. PS I bought GOGL from your website (for myself)before it became available on Amazon, and bought it there for my mother.

  5. I miss having a Des Book so close (used to live in Salt Lake). Now in Maryland, I don’t know where the nearest one is. The temple is about 45 minutes away, and I think there’s a churchy bookstore somewhere near there (never been to the bookstore), but no Des Book in sight. I have to buy online mostly now. Sigh.

    In other news, thanks for posting about the BoM comic books. So gorgeous and fun! Never would have heard about them otherwise. Hey, networking DOES work! 🙂

  6. Hmm. I might have met the owner of that little bookstore in Maryland. Do go there and support the independent bookstores! They need support. We have lost all of our bookstores in LA because no one went there. And yes, the BoM comics are cool. I am totally going to be a regular reader.

  7. I don’t go into Deseret Book too often because it’s crazy taking the kids in, but I do read the ads I get in the mail. I am SO SO SO happy for the recognition that is coming! I have told all of my friends about it, loaned mine to others and got our local library to order it in. I love your book so much and I am just sharing your joy with all of you! Congrats! I will keep spreading the love!

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