Archive – Ponderment – Speaking to Attract the Birth You Want

This is an archived post from Felice back in August of 2010.

After and series of random health issues this summer, I had to step back and survey what was up. I looked up all of my ailments inLouis Hay’salphabetical dictionary which lists possible emotional causes for illness. I realized that all of my physical problems were caused by serious emotional malnutrition, or the way I was talking to myself. Since we are most suggestible to ourselves, how we talk to ourselves matters tremendously more than we realize. Even though I was saying things like, “I don’t want X to happen,” I was still shaping what I wanted in negative terms. It’s like when you tell your child not to fall, the mind has to first imagine falling to then not think about it. And the images we play in our mind often become reality, and she falls down right after you say it.

I have blogged about this before in my post on Mantras, and I recommended choosing new and better mantras for ourselves. That sometimes works. I have had success with doing that. But this time, it wasn’t as easy to switch my language to the positive. And I realized it is because if you are sad and you try tell yourself, “I am very happy” the unconscious mind will reject it if it is too far fetched from reality. Sometimes we have to go at it from a softer, or a back-door perspective.

So I came across another cool technique that I thought I would pass on. It is called a ponderment, which is basically a moment of pondering and thinking about what might be positively happening or about to happen. Here is an example: I get a huge unexpected bill in the mail and am tempted to tell myself something like this: “I am so tired of getting bills. Will they never end? I can’t pay this.” But instead, I take a moment and tell myself: “It’s interesting that this bill is coming to me now. I must really trust that I have the ability to pay it.”

Just changing your own mental energy around, shifts energy around you in unexplained ways. Well, if I had to explain it, I think it could be called faith. I started this experiment only about week and a half ago and suddenly all this money is coming to me from unexpected places. But that is not all. I have just been generally happier.

I have found that it works really well in all situations. For example, I was having a lot of feelings of sadness come up recently about some things I have long repented of and not thought about in a long time. After about half a day of this sadness, I read some words of the prophets and then I tried a ponderment. I said: “It’s interesting that this is coming up for me now–something really good must be coming to me and this is God’s way of reminding me to take the lessons I learned from that other situation into the new one.” I suddenly felt very happy.

So there you go. Try it out and let me know how it works.