Changing our Words and Thoughts

I love it when it is my week to post on this blog.  I especially enjoy picking out an archived post to share.  This week I found and shared one on Ponderment.

Language is so powerful and I know that but sometimes forget to intentionally USE it.

This jumped out from me on the ponderment post.

Just changing your own mental energy around, shifts energy around you in unexplained ways.

I decided to really harness this and see how it helped.

Busy VS Excited

My family is in the midst of a very busy month.  I am the type of person who likes calm and peaceful and normal routine.  So these”busy” few weeks were stressing me out.

I talked about it with the boys and we decided on a new word.  Instead of saying we were going to have a busy February, we started saying we have an Exciting February.

It was amazing how my emotions about the weeks dropped in intensity with just the change of that one word.  Exciting sounds so much better than busy to me.  Nothing on our calendar changed, but my heart and feelings changed and I am enjoying this time and looking forward to the rest of our exciting month!

What are some changes you have made with your words and what kind of effect has it had?


4 thoughts on “Changing our Words and Thoughts”

  1. I’ve often thought about how words affect our perception. My husband and I use different words to differentiate between our family (us and our kids) and our families of origin (our parents and siblings). We call our Families Of Origin our “foo”s (yes, I know it has a different meaning, but that’s still the word we use). It’s a little thing, but for us it emphasizes the priority that we place on our relationship and our kids–we still love our foos, but our relationship is the most important now. Just one little way we use words to shape the way we live.

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