That Wonderful “Birth” Feeling All Over Again!

This is a guest post by my friend Heather B., a mother of four beautiful, talented, and wonderful children.  🙂

I have wanted to be a Mother for as long as I can remember.  My first word was “baby,” and I was constantly pretending to be a “Mother” as I grew up.

The births of my four children I can say have been the most amazing experiences that I have ever been a part of!!  My favorite part of birth is the moment that I feel the urge to push.  I immediately start crying in excitement that my body will be pushed to the limit, only to bring the most beautiful and amazing little one into the world.  As the doctor hands me my baby, the whole world stops.  Everything around me is blurry and if people are talking it just sounds like white noise around me.  That first look into my newborn babies eyes is one that cannot be explained, but it is definitely an outer body experience that words cannot explain.  Each of my births are like this, not one greater than another, but each special and precious in it’s own special way.

After having these four wonderful birthing experiences in my life, I never thought that there would be a moment that would top these.

My children have started to become older and have had wonderful milestones like being blessed in our church (The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormon), going to Kindergarten, losing their first tooth, etc.  Still, the births of my children have been by far the most wonderful event in my life.  Not to say that the other experiences were not amazing, but just different.  I often wondered if anything would top the births of my children.

Well, last year my daughter turned 8 and this is a very special year in our household and in our church.  You see, she was baptized a member in our church.  In the Latter-Day Saint church we are baptized by immersion.  We go completely under the water.

This special day came and as I entered the chapel doors there I saw my daughter.  She was all dressed in white, the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face, and she was skipping down the hall.  I looked at her and she looked at me.  This look was familiar and amazing!!  We embraced and it was such a happy moment.  It was then time for her to be baptized by Scott (my husband).  As he said the baptism prayer I felt overwhelmed.  I know I should have been closing my eyes during this time, but instead I was watching her every move.  As my husband said, “Amen,” he then proceeded to put her under the water to baptize her.

Then it happened, that feeling that I had 8 years ago but stonger!   The “birth” feeling!!  Everything stood still, it was as if she and I were the only ones in the room.  You see,  it was birth all over again, but different.  This was a rebirth for her and in a way for me!!  I felt that feeling again, but stronger!!  For me, to watch my child be baptized at that moment, was the best thing I had ever experienced.  The feeling cannot be explained fully but it was amazing and precious all in one!!!

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  1. Thank you. That is a very beautiful story. Some of my births have been difficult and this is just something wonderful to look forward to. 🙂 Thanks for bringing the spirit into my day.

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