She Understands Me – How a Hymn Helped Bring Peace after a Miscarriage

Did you know that Dr. Ellis Shipp, one of Utah’s first female doctors (who trained many women to become nurses and midwives), wrote a hymn in the hymn book? I had forgotten until yesterday when my friend (who is mourning her second miscarriage) posted this on facebook…

As I sung/listened to this hymn today, I realized that the woman who wrote the words understands me. Some of her own babies did not make it past infancy, yet she pushed forward, continued to bear children, and went on to help Utah women as their midwife and first female doctor. She has been a hero of mine for years, and only became more dear to my heart through the re-discovery of this hymn. Even though it made me cry, her song brought me joy and peace today.


“It is to me the crowning joy of a woman’s life to be a mother.” -Ellis Reynolds Shipp

You can read more about Dr. Shipp’s wonderful legacy in Robyn’s post HERE.

2 thoughts on “She Understands Me – How a Hymn Helped Bring Peace after a Miscarriage”

  1. Wow, how timely. I just selected this hymn to read as the opening prayer at a women’s interfaith group that I attend, and then last night at my family testimony meeting, I just opened my hymnbook TWICE to this hymn, so I decided that we needed to sing it. I’m not really sure why, but thanks for posting this. Maybe the Holy Ghost will reveal his purposes to me soon.

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